Pedestrians Are Very Venerable In Traffic – Personal Injury Lawyers

Pedestrians Are Very Venerable In Traffic – Personal Injury Lawyers

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked about how observation and attentiveness are pretty much dead on the roads today. This week I’m going to talk specifically about pedestrians and cyclists. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but where I live they both have very little sense of self-preservation.personal Injury lawyers

In parking lots, for example, it’s entirely normal here to see pedestrians just walk out in front of traffic assuming the traffic will stop. For some reason, they can’t make the mental association that just because it’s the parking lot of a supermarket or big box store, doesn’t mean it’s not a road. For motorists, these areas have become target-rich environments. I’d like to say it’s the old “a few bad apples” analogy but around here it really isn’t. It’s the majority of pedestrians. It’s extremely unusual to see someone stop at the side of the road now, the point where if I’m on foot and I stop at the side of the road, approaching motorists get extremely confused. They stop, causing a blockage in traffic, and then attempt to wave me across the road. I’m not that stupid – a stopped line of traffic around here means someone two cars back is about to decide they shouldn’t be waiting for anything.

The other biggie with pedestrians is when they do use the traffic lights, but cross on red. I admit I’ve nearly hit three pedestrians in the last ten years because of this. I’ve been waiting at the light and my light goes green, so I set off, suddenly to be presented with a pedestrian who pops out from next to the truck/bus/tram next to me, running across the road on a red light. Sadly, I’ve also seen people do this and get hit by the car next to me. Darwinism at work.

Speaking of red lights, they recently passed a change of law that allows cyclists to go through red lights if they first stop and check to see if the intersection is clear. Obviously this has been interpreted by the majority of cyclists as “don’t need to stop”. Several weeks ago, on my morning commute, a cyclist did this to me when I was on my motorbike. He cruised into the intersection from my right, not looking at me, but looking up the road the other way at the oncoming bus. Seeing this, he stopped right in front of me. I went as far left as possible without going into the lane with the oncoming bus and went around him, clipping his front wheel with my right foot peg and knee on the way past. The next morning, I saw the aftermath of the same thing. Apparently he’d tried to do it again but on that day, there was a silver Subaru Forester instead of me on my bike. The paramedics were scraping him off the road as I went by.accident injury attorneys

Frankly, allowing one set of road uses to have amnesty when it comes to red lights doesn’t make any sense. If we’re all using the road, shouldn’t we all be using the same rules? Cyclists constantly complain about how they’re treated by drivers in general, but then they abuse the law to the extent where people just don’t care any more. Hopping on and off curbs – playing car, then pedestrian, then car, then pedestrian. Not stopping at stop signs. Not stopping at red lights. And then when they do something stupid and get themselves injured, it’s the motorist to blame. Because apparently, it’s our responsibility to not hit wayward pedestrians and cyclists, but it’s not their responsibility to employ common sense, obey the rules like the rest of us, and invoke some basic self preservation.

So do I break road rules? Of course. We all do. Show me someone who says they abide by every rule of the road and I’ll show you an outright liar. Like most drivers, I’ve been known to cruise into an intersection after the light has turned orange. And once out of suburban areas, I regularly break speed limits that are set, in my opinion, unnecessarily slow. Seriously – a 45mph limit on a two lane mountain road with no traffic? Are you kidding? The difference is that I employ observation and self-preservation and I do my best not to get in anyone else’s way. I try my best to ensure that when I break the law, I’m the only one affected. Does that make me a bad driver? Maybe, but at least I’m not a liar. More information on this website

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Bankruptcy is typically a highly emotional Process

Bankruptcy is typically a highly emotional, stressful, and extremely complicated process. Although individuals can go through the process without hiring an attorney, doing so can be extremely risky. A bankruptcy attorney can help to protect your assets that could otherwise be at risk, help you to navigate the process without falling victim to the many potential pitfalls, defend you in the case of litigation, and ensure that your rights are recognized at all steps of the process.bankruptcy attorneys

Due to the nature of bankruptcy, it is extremely important – perhaps more so than in any other area of law – that you hire a bankruptcy attorney with whom you feel extremely comfortable. Even under normal circumstances, many people are loath to discuss their finances with anyone, including family and friends. When going through bankruptcy, though, you will need to inform your attorney about all of your assets and your full financial picture to ensure that he is able to protect you to the best of his ability. If you are any less than forthright in this regard, you are likely to lose a lot more than you should.

The bankruptcy attorneys at our firm have been through the bankruptcy process many times before. Our lawyers are not here to judge you. They fully understand that there are times when people lose control of their financial situation through no fault of their own, often due to the loss of a job, illness, or some other major event that is beyond their control. They understand that you would not be going through bankruptcy if you had another option, and that the process is the first step toward you being able to get back in control of your life with as many of your assets as possible.

In addition to being an emotionally charged process, bankruptcy can also be highly complicated. Failure to file the proper paperwork and account for all of your assets can lead to the forfeiture of assets that could otherwise be protected. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a bankruptcy attorney is having someone to help you file all of the necessary paperwork. This would include your bankruptcy petition, bankruptcy schedules, which include your assets and liabilities, executor contracts, and other documents relevant to your case, as well as a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan when applicable. Your bankruptcy attorney will also attend the creditor meeting with you, again ensuring that your rights are protected.

You don’t have to be alone during this difficult and intricate process. Your creditors have been through this before and are seeking to collect on the debts owed to them. They have been through the process countless times before and looking out for their interests, not yours. The bankruptcy attorneys at our Law Firm are ready and willing to protect both your rights and your assets on this first step toward taking back control of your financial life.
Give us a call today to learn more about how our bankruptcy attorneys can help you through this trying time.

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